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In person and telehealth options. Establish a "game plan" to meet your goals. a.k.a plan of care. 


Personalized treatment programs. In person and telehealth options. 
What are scheduling options for Kid's sessions? 


Payer Options

GIRSHIN PT is an out of network provider, it is not "in-network" with insurance companies. Insurance companies are required to recognize all licensed physical therapy services "in" and "out" of network. Families may seek coverage through network gap exceptions, flexible spending accounts, health savings account(s), and additional payer options.  GIRSHIN PT works with families for a gap exception request and provides "super bill" or receipts of services provided for insurance reimbursement. Payment for services are due before or at the time of service. GIRSHIN PT cannot guarantee insurance coverage or fee coverage amount.


Do I need a referral for therapy services? 

A referral is NOT needed to start physical therapy treatment services at GIRSHIN PT. Under California law, you may receive direct physical therapy treatment services for a period of up to 45 calendar days or 12 visits, whichever occurs first.  After which time, we will contact your child's pediatrician with a detailed plan of care and your child's goals for physical therapy services to ensure optimal communication and coordination with your child's health care team. Your pediatrician or health care specialist will provide a referral to continue physical therapy services. 

Do I need a referral for wellness services?

Wellness physical therapy services do not require a referral from your child's pediatrician. Under California law, physical therapists may perform physical therapy interventions for "the promotion and maintenance of physical fitness to enhance the bodily movement related to health and wellness through the use of physical therapy interventions." Services related to wellness and fitness may include instruction in general flexibility, strength and conditioning exercise programs, and education to support your child in learning new movements such as rolling, crawling, and walking.

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