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Evaluation & Therapy Services

Dr. Girshin treats with a whole-body and systematic approach for motor control acquisition and neuromuscular growth. We treat joints, bones, muscles, fascia, posture, alignment, trunk control, motivation, balance reactions, weight shifts, proprioception, and more! If that feels like a lot, your child and family may greatly benefit from our services. Using a specific and specialized approach tailored to each child’s needs, we put it all "IN FOCUS.”


Let’s get started! We start with a detailed and focused assessment of your child. Using collected data and measurements, we can understand your child’s developmental needs and goals.

Your child’s evaluation may include specific measurements such as lower limb assessment, observed preferred movement patterns, spinal alignment, segmental control, or standardized tests.

When building a therapy program to target specific outcomes and goals, we take a strengths-based approach to identify your child’s powers and skills.

Evaluations are 50 – 60 minutes and face-to-face. Your child must be present. You will receive a written review of the findings and recommended plan for treatment.

Evaluations are included in Package Programs and Intensives. No need to schedule an additional session.

child working on balance and stability during physical therapy
child using pretend play to improve motor skills during physical therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical therapist, Dr. Kristin Girshin provides a specific plan of care for each child. The use of electrical stimulation and non-invasive spinal neuromodulation are pillars of treatment when appropriate to your child’s health status and goals. We work to coordinate care with your medical provider and provide reports of progress.

Therapy Techniques Include:

  • 24/7 postural control planning

  • Hands-on facilitation of movement patterns

  • Non-invasive neuromodulation

  • Peripheral e-stimulation to targeted muscles

  • Bracing and casting


Treatment also includes parent education and resources to support home integration.


Physical therapy services are available to clients in California and New York state. If you live in another state, we offer consultation services to support your child's growth and development. See below for more information.

Non-Invasive Spinal Modulation

Non-invasive spinal modulation is a promising treatment approach for cerebral palsy and spinal cord injuries. More research is needed to understand effectiveness and safety fully. It is important to work with a healthcare provider who has experience with this technique and can provide guidance on whether it may be appropriate for treatment.

IN FOCUS specializes in non-invasive spinal neuromodulation to maximize the neuroplasticity of the spinal cord. It involves the use of electrical stimulation to alter nerve activity in the spinal cord. Most children describe it as an enjoyable sensation or state not feeling it at all.

Kristin Girshin acts as a strategic advisor to SpineX. She has provided treatment in a number of studies currently under review for publication and is currently supporting SpineX to gain FDA approval for their SCiP device to safely and effectively deliver non-invasive spinal stimulation to children with cerebral palsy.

If interested in learning more, click here.

sppinal cord chart, non-invasive spinal modulation
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Consultation Services

Consultation on non-invasive spinal neuromodulation services are available to caregivers, medical professionals, and businesses. If you are located outside of the state of California or New York, or located internationally, contact us to discuss your needs.

Dr. Kirstin is a certified TheraTog fitter and vendor. If you are interested in ordering a support garment, schedule now. Trial systems are available for home use.

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