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Starter Kit: Includes brand new Chattanooga Continuum device (unit, hand button, 2 leads, batteries, protective soft case, standard operating manual). Added 3 packets of electrodes (10 pads total) 3 different sizes to find find best fit. Pluse Our "IN FOCUS- Getting Started with E-Stim for Kids" this 4 page Instructional manual on how to find the best and most comfortable settings to reduce spacticity, strengthen muscles, and increase mobility/movement. Shipping and taxes not included. 


Optional: Additonal 10% off an In Focus On-Line Consultation Session to walk through device and 1 selected muscle to target change, availability as scheduling permits. Coupon code provided in package. 1 year experation date. 

E-Stim for Kids with the Chattanooga Continuum Kit

  • Our "kit" provides specified instructions for the use of e-stim with kids. We make it easy by adding 3 different sample size electrodes to your device order and a Manual we have created on how to use e-stim set up parameters and use with with kids. 

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