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IN FOCUS Pediatric Therapy and Wellness background

Our Services

Mission: To see, hear, and understand our client's needs and goals to provide focused  therapy, consultation, and wellness services for growth and health, to live life fully. Provider of excellence in care. 

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Provider of neurological (re)habilitation services. We treat with a whole-body and systematic approach for motor control acquisition and neuromuscular growth. Specialize treatment approaches for healthy development of joints, bones, muscles, fascia, posture, alignment, trunk control, motivation, balance reactions, weight shifts, proprioception, strength training progressions, and more! If that feels like a lot, your child and family may greatly benefit from our services. Using a specific and specialized approach, tailored to each child’s needs, we make progress.


Let’s get started! We start with a detailed and focused assessment. Evaluations include a detailed review of your needs and goals, medical history, and collecting data and measurements. 

Evaluation may include specific measurements such as lower limb assessment, observed preferred movement patterns, spinal alignment, segmental control, or standardized tests.

When building a therapy, or wellness, program to target specific outcomes and goals, we lead with a strengths-based approach to identify your child’s powers and skills.

Initial evaluations vary from 50 – 120 minutes. You will receive a written review of the findings and recommended plan for treatment.

Evaluations may be included in Package Programs and Intensives; No need to schedule an additional session.

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Consultation Services

Consultation on non-invasive spinal neuromodulation services are available to therapists, medical professionals, and businesses. 

Dr. Kirstin is a certified TheraTog fitter and vendor. For ordering and fitting of support garment, schedule now. Trial systems are now available for home use.

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